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Cawte & Elms, CawteCo's longest established garage has been looking after customer's vehicles in the Gosport area for over 20 years. CawteCo has further Auto Centres in Gosport, Fareham and Romsey. As a company passionate about customer care, CawteCo has earned a reputation for being a little different from the stereotypical service centre.

A CawteCo  will go above and beyond for it's customers and that is why they come back time and time again. For example; If you have a busy lifestyle and need to leave your vehicle with us for an MOT or service, we can arrange to collect it*. We will call you if there is anything that needs repairing and when the work is finished we will return the vehicle to you. You don't even have to leave your armchair or place of work.

RVH is CawteCo's van hire division. If you are moving house, clearing out the garage or need to collect some furniture you have purchased on eBay then give RVH a call. You can hire a van from CawteCo's main depot in Romsey (Romsey Van Hire) or from any of the Fareham or Gosport Centres. For a quick quote, call Romsey Van Hire on 01794 522103, Cawte and Elms in Gosport on 023 9258 3154 or click here.

* Collection service is subject to geographical restrictions and staff availability.

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Van hire available at all locations. Click here.